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SpaWish is a website that sells gift certificates that can then be used at various spas and salons around the country along with spa related products. The gift certificates are sold in many different denominations redeemable for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, color and more. The site promotes their product as being "...the perfect gift for any occasion-and for anyone on your list". In addition to selling spa gift certificates and products, there is also a searchable database of all the salons and spas that accept their gift certificates and a blog that covers a wide array of beauty issues including beauty trends, celebrity news spa treatments and makeup tips. The database lists the names and addresses of the establishments that accept their certificates, shows their location on a map, and has room where the salons can list their services and former customers can leave reviews.

SpaWish: What makes it different?

If you are in the market for a gift for someone special, what makes a site like SpaWish different is that the certificate you get is good at many different businesses, so the recipient gets to choose where they want to use the gift. Also, SpaWish certificates are a way to promote local small businesses because most of the spas and salons that accept SpaWish are small locally owned establishments. You are able to buy these certificates from the comfort of your home and either print them out yourself or have them delivered to your home for a small fee, streamlining your shopping process and making it easy to pick up a really last minute gift, no need to wait for it to be shipped if you are short on time. The certificate can even be redeemed online for spa related merchandise if desired. These products range from apparel to skin care products. If you are the owner of a small salon or spa, this would be an excellent marketing tool, helping to drive business to your facility that you might not otherwise get.

SpaWish vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SpaWish)

Two main competitors of SpaWish are Spa Finder and WaySpa. All three of these websites sell gift certificates that are redeemable at various spas and salons across the country. SpaWish claims to have 2501 spas in the US that accept their certificates, with 188 in Canada. Spa Finder, which is owned by the same company, has over 5,000 spas around the world. WaySpa also claims to have thousands of member spas all over the world. All three of the sites have easy to use searchable databases of spas that accept their certificates and feature blogs and beauty information. All three also had similar listings of services available at each salon, addresses and directions to the facility. Of the three websites, Spa Finder seems to be more fleshed out. Their listings of services is far more inclusive and almost every spa has at least one review, while none of the spas I looked at on SpaWish had a single review or any information on services provided. Spa Finder and WaySpa also offer destination spas, the types of places where you would go on a vacation or weekend getaway to visit and WaySpa featured far more international spas. SpaWish focuses more on the local salons and day spas that one might actually use on a more regular basis. Of the three, Spa Finder seemed to have a slight edge because of the sheer quantity of establishments that accept their certificates, more information about services and reviews of the spas participating and the fact that you can also find specials and discounted services through their site. Before considering buying a gift certificate through SpaWish you should do a quick zip code search first to make sure that there are participating spas in the recipient's area.

SpaWish: Pricing & packages

SpaWish offers gift certificates starting at $25 and going all the way up to $500 in $25 increments. You have three choices in how you wish to receive your certificate. You can print your certificate immediately on your home printer so that you have it right away to give as a gift, which is a handy option if you need a really last minute gift (like you forgot an anniversary). You can also create a custom certificate and then email it wherever you like if the gift you need is for someone out of town, once again making it easy to cover up a forgotten birthday or special occasion. Finally, you can request to have a certificate gift boxed and mailed for an additional cost. Shipping starts at $4.99. SpaWish certificates are occasionally offered at discount warehouses like Costco and BJ's. Bj's currently offers four $25 certificates for $79.99. In addition to gift certificates, SpaWish also offers a wide range of spa, wellness and home related products ranging from skin care products under $10 to art pieces that sell for over $12,000.

SpaWish: Product images & screenshots
SpaWish Coupons
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SpaWish: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews online are overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer wrote "SpaWish is a wonderful, dependable service that I've come to rely on for the perfect shower gift, bridal shower present and pick-me-up for Mother's Day. Ideally suited for big spenders in corporations, it's just as reliable for the little consumer who likes to splurge. I highly recommend this service, and I hope I've convinced you to check out spas in general and SpaWish specifically." The only negative comments revolved around the inability to find a local salon or spa that accepted the certificates, which can easily be resolved by using the spa store they offer to purchase products instead.

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